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ye , figured someone would have a problem or negative comments about Frank but to each his own i always say...please, allow me to retort! hmm, too bad i've had it for two months the guy even survived the tank cycle. and they have a life span of maybe two years in the wild, Frank is about the size of a quarter, so i suppose that means he's young? Mine roams the tank pretty regularly b/c unlike most other cephs .. Blue Rings are active during the day and shows off those awesome colors during feeding all the time, i'd assume cuz he's happy or in attack mode. either way, anyone whos just plain careful shouldn't have a problem. I'm not saying that the potential for harm isn't there, i am saying that its not as aggressive as some are lead to believe. just b/c the little guy might be a little to much for YOU doesn't make it so for others. i don't want him cuz i happen to like crabs and snails and all the little fishies and critters in my reef. guy is cooL to watch eat tho - so there, take that! :P

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