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In order for us to provide the best possible help . . .

In order for us to provide the best possible help, please provide the following information. It will really help us and it will be information we need.

1. How old is this aquarium?

2. If less than six months old, what is ammonia level?

3. What is SG of this aquarium? How measured?

4. When was the last fish added to this aquarium?

5. Was it quarantined? If so, how? And how long? Was it prophylactically treated? How?

6. If you are using a copper based medication, which one? How often do you measure level? When?

7. If you are using hyposalinity, how did you calibrate your refractometer?

8. Please describe in detail, the appearance of the fish? If there is one or more pimples, are they lumpy? What color?

9. Please describe the behavior of the fish as best you can. Is it acting reclusive? Is it always up towards the top of the aquarium? Is it avoiding light? How active is the fish?

10. Is the fish eating? What?

If you could copy and paste this in your post filling in whatever answers you can, it would help us greatly and speed up our ability to answer. Thanks in advance!!

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