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NANOSTREAM 6040 -- too strong for 35 gallon?

Hi Roger

This pump (with controller). I see min flow is less than 60 gph. I'm asking because I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair (plus the y cable!). For wave action in my 35 gallon tall. It's not a reef at this point. It has two orange spot file fish -- the tank is for them mainly -- it's a tall tank b/c it used to house seahorses >> not anymore. It will likely be mainly slower fish along with my neon gobies in there. Maybe some corals at some point.

Anyhow, I'm just making sure that I can have a low enough flow that it can be more overall gentle. I know the immediate outflow will be stronger, but passed that over most of the tank. I'm sure it will be ok. But I read this one review lol that said it was too strong for his nano 20 gallon and was trapping fish in the flow (weird???!).


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