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Originally Posted by rvitko View Post
I would assume the user who said it was too strong did not turn it down, this pump can run so slow the flow is barely a trickle, you can practically watch the propeller spin at the lowest speed. My main concerns would be that the propeller is unshielded, basically, the propeller is out in the open, their is no grid to protect it. It is made this way as the flow rate is the maximum possible for the size of the outlet and any restriction would reduce flow. It has an electronic safety and that works fine in most cases, any obstruction and it stops, but a very small neon goby would definitely be at risk. You can for example remove the flow deflector and add the protective grid, but the cost is reduced ability to direct the flow and losing about 100 gph. Without the deflector you have to turn the whole pump and that limits you to along a wall.
What I may do is what I did for the teeth (in flow) to my drain box. To prevent gobies from going in it, I laced secure ties as a barrier/fence to make it so the drainage wide and tall slits are now small slits that they can't fit through. I kwno this will lower flow based on same propeller speed.
Or I can carefully wrap the thin filter sponge sheet material I have aroudn the intake. >>>if that gets clogged to fast, then I'll go and try the secure ties I mentioned above. Though I think the neon gobies would be fine actually. *For instance in my reef tank with the TUnze 3 I still have no screen etc to prevent anyone from entering. I had like that in my other tank. so for over 2 years, no one has been damaged. Except one aptaisia eating file fish (a small one). I have another one, but I'm still secure that even he will be fine. So i'm not too worried even without a strainer of some type. >> esp since it's lower prop speed on this compard to tnze 3 and the enterance seems to have thinner 'slits'


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