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Re: Part II

Originally posted by SW Madman
Well got part two the other day and got it all aqua scaped in the tank. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The life on the rocks is incredible!! Not to mention the critters that came with them! Then there's the actual critters Richard sent. I'm in the process of getting some pics that I can upload here to show all of you. All I can say is I feel like Jacques Cousteau every time I look at it!! We discover something new every time!! The Ammonia level is just about at 0 and all is good!! A few mantis shrimp click away all hours of the evening but I just haven't been lucky enough to find them, YET!!!

Thanks again Richard, you went above and beyond on your shipments to me. I can't wait to find a spot in the house for a 195 gallon reef tank!!!
I am glad it all worked out for you after your initial disaster!
But with your understanding and vigilance you pulled it of spectacularly!
As I told your hubby, I do not let my customers fail!!

PS..some of the clicking may be pistol shrimp, which look like baby Maine lobsters, and are really good guys for your tank!

Thanks and enjoy!
Richard TBS

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