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Unable to reduce phosphate with Seachem Phosguard and Chemipure Blue


Iíve got a 50 gallons reef tank, with LPS and Softies thatís been running for about 7 years. Itís gone through all the ups and downs of GHA, Diatoms, Dinos and Cyano in the past. The tank is not having any of those issues anymore.

Tank parameters:
Ca: 410
Mg: 1320
Kh: 8.9
Nitrates: 10 ppm
Phosphates: 0.25 ppm

The water and the rocks are clear and the corals are fine. But I think they can be better. Iím trying to bring the phosphates down to around 0.05 to see if it brings out more color and growth in corals. But Iím just not able to.

I dose NoPox for nutrient control. And we know that works better on nitrates than phosphates. So, to bring down the phosphates, I added Chemipure Blue in a Reef Octopus reactor and also Seachem Phosguard with a separator on top of it. Iíve made sure the water is pushing through the media gently without tumbling them.

So far, Iíve finished a 250ml bottle of Phosguard replacing it every four days as per the instructions. And now Iím on my second bottle. My phosphates still read 0.25ppm. Apparently, even Chemipure Blue hasnít done its part to reduce the phosphates.

So, I tested the water coming out of the media reactor and was hoping for a low phosphates reading. And to my surprise, I got same reading of 0.25ppm. I then tested my RO water to see if my test kit is fine. And I got a proper reading of 0ppm.

Iíve read so many reviews and feedbacks about the effectiveness of these two products to bring down the phosphates. Iím just baffled why itís not working at all for me. Itís been three weeks so far trying these two products.

Can anyone chime in from experience what am I doing wrong?

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