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No real progress on my part this weekend. I've just been observing the gradual progression of new life, or to put it more mundanely, diatoms.

I'm still playing around with the wave box. I removed the top, which made it more quiet and possibly work better. I'm finding that the water level plays a big part in it's performance too. Right now, I'm running the water level higher, and I'm getting almost no wave at all. So, I'm still checking all the variables to see how they effect it. Once I find optimum water level, that's where I'll keep it.

When I captured the blennies for transfer, I only could find four of them, so I just added the four, hoping that the fifth would turn up. Finally, I saw it today, still in the QT. Of the four that were transferred, two went straight into the back wall and disappeared. Today, one of them finally came out. She's now hangin' in the barnacles. So now there are two in the barnacles and one in the rocks. Hopefully the last straggler will emerge from the wall soon.

My next actions include getting another round of fish in quarantine, and hopefully, planting new seagrass. I've got more guys, like worms and snails, etcetera, to transfer over, from the holding tank, but I want to wait awhile, so they'll have food in the tank.

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