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Originally Posted by slief View Post
If you removed the threaded fitting from the intake, the top of the intake to the floor would be 3"-3.25" from the floor of the sump. That leaves 2.75 - 3".. Will it such air?? Hard to say. That depends on the flow you are running it at. You could always get a piece of acrylic and place it above the pumps intake to prevent it from sucking air. Maybe have a bend put in it and add a couple suction cups or a magnet scrubber to hold it to the side of the sump. Have the horizontal surface just below the water line to prevent the pump from creating a whirlpool effect and sucking air. Obviously I am biased but in all honesty (and I am very honest when it comes to these things), if you had both pumps side by side to compare the motors, the decision would be easy. The motor on the RD3 looks and feels like a monster comparatively speaking even if you were comparing to the A400. I won't knock the Abyzz because if you need a variable speed pump capable of stupid high head pressure, there is no better choice but that isn't your situation so it really boils down to space constraints, price and flow.
I've been running the factory Red Sea / Sicce AC pump since 2013, on my S-400 and it's rated at 1,850 gallons per hour.

Here's the specs that are on the side of the AC pump that I've been using.

RS Max S Main 7000
110 - 120V - 60Hz 70watt
Qmax 7000 l/h H-max 3.8m

If I did go with the A100 DC would it have the same, more or less head pressure than the Red Sea / Sicce pump has.

I hate to spend that kind of money, only to have less flow.

I'm just trying to make the right purchase and I need your full honesty.

I understand that your basis and you should be.

But will the A100 fit my needs?


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