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Originally Posted by Mark Bianco View Post
I am using a 1/3hp just a different brand. I set my Apex controller at what I want then use the chiller settings one degree less. That way I am sure the chiller will run when the controller kicks it on. I would slow down the supply to the chiller as long as it does not effect your return flow. This should be able to lower the tank one degree within 10 minutes at best. If it takes longer then something may be wrong.

I commend you on using dual controls I like redunantcy when dealing with heaters, and chillers. I also like your setup nice and clean looking.
Thanks. Currently I just have to rely on the Ranco, but in the near future I do plan on doing just this. I need to get the socket expansion for the Apex or another energy bar. Running 3 x 250w radiums and that draw, plus the chiller would put me just over the 15amp limit of the EB8.

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