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Originally Posted by wcharon View Post
Well Guys...

After reading these posts i am very confused with my Chiller operation time frame and i will like your expertise to help me out.

My scenario is that i have a 125 with 30 sump and my Chiller Artica 1/4 is lasting 5 hrs. to cool down the 2 degrees from 80.0 - 78.0. I have a WB 7000 as my main pump and it is feeding the chiller and a 3/4 Sea Swirl with both returns going to the tank. The Overflow box is 1,200GPH with 2 tubes.

The SS and the Chiller have gate valves and i have tried different combinations like slowing down the flow, opening all the way the flow, using only 1 overflow tube without sucess. By the way all the plumbing is 3/4.

Thanks in advance for your help because i will happy if the cycling time reduce because overhere in PR the electricity is very high cost.
I am also in the Caribbean (Trinidad). I have the same size setup as you and use a 1/2 HP Oceanic. My chiller takes 2 Hours to cool 2 degrees. I think that it is very hard to judge on how a chiller should operate time wise just based on HP. There are many variables such as ambient temperature around the chiller, amount of heat being added such as lights etc. If the lights are in a closed canopy and how well that canopy is ventilated, humidity etc.

To the OP I would check your flow rate by taking the output and timing as it pours into a known volume, then calculate the flow rate from that. I am thinking that the flow rate is too slow. Shoot for what the manufacturer recommends. Also too high of a flow rate can be a problem too.

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