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OK... Here's some photos I took of the bastards I found in my tank...

First, here's a large one shot in a white bowl;

And another of the same guy on the move and stretched out a bit;

A shot of some eggs;

And finally, a closer shot which shows in better detail the eggs as well as some newly hatched worms (the little white blotches) as well as a couple, more mature hatchlings towards the bottom of the shot. These appear to have darker "head".

I have done two red bug treatments, one per week, and will be doing the last tomorrow. At the same time, I did FWE treatments but did these a couple hours before the red bug. The first FWE treatment was at the recommended dosage. The second, I did almost twice the recommended dosage and as soon as I get more FWE (hopefully, this week), I plan to do a three times the recommended dosage. There are others who have done so at this level with no adverse effects. The first two, along with the red bug treatment, had seemingly caused no issues other than the typical cyannobacteria bloom following the treatment. I've recently pulled out for inspection a couple of corals that had previously had flat worms on them. I found no eggs of any evidence of flat worms. I did this by vigorously shaking the corals in a large bowl of tank water and let the corals dry as much to enable visual clues of their presence. Again, I've yet to find any since the two previous treatments but still plan to do the third, 3X dosage treatment. I'll update here after.


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