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I am in a similar state of fear and fright with our tank, so I share your desire for expedience over control and precision. Can you confirm that you are/were using Salifert Flat Worm Exit ? (just to make sure that there is not some other product out there that I am just oblivious to ). Any other details about the dosage (how many times the recommended) and the duration of treatment (I guess prior to the addition of carbon/UV/ozone, etc). Did you do any large water changes afterwards ? (I am not sure if Salifert calls for one or not). Any other info that might be useful would be greatly appreciated. I will be ordering the FWE tomorrow (along with some extra GAC for our canister filter) and plan to perform the treatment Thursday (or Friday at the latest). Thanks.

- Tom

Current Tank Info: 380 starfire inwall ,two 150g sump/fuge. Volcano Ca RX, ato, 6' Volcano skimmer. LAIIIs w/400w AquaConnect 14K on IC EBallasts
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