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Yes. I used Salifert Flat Worm Exit(FWE). The bottle treats roughly 300-gallons which is roughly my total system water volume. The first treatment I used a whole bottle with no UV, carbon or ozone but with the skimmer still running as per the instructions. An hour later I added the UV, carbon and ozone and let this run for a couple of hours. I then did the red bug treatment with no UV, carbon, ozone or skimmer. Waited 6-hours and then started everything again along with doing a water change.

The second treatment was the same procedure but with approximately a bottle and 3/4 of FWE.

I'm waiting for a shipment of FWE and my red bug treatment is tomorrow so they will be apart for the third and final treatment. This time, I will be doing 3 bottles or 3 times the recommended dosage. Fingers crossed.

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