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Copper kills corals and all other inverts. Getting a little into your tank would not have hurt the other fish. We need much more information from you to help diagnose your issue.
1. What size tank.
2. What were the inhabitants (just the fish)
3. What are your water parameters (ammonia, nitrates, Ca, kH)
4. What type of filtration do you use?
5. What was the timing of adding fish.
6. How much live rock do you have?

Start with those and then we can help quite a bit.

If you're tearing down and completely starting over, clean the tank and all other equipment with water and vinegar (on pumps, you can just soak in straight vinegar). Rinse well and you should be ready to go.

I want to burn twice as bright and half as long. Oh, and a full tank crash is just an excuse for a new build.

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