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Well Guys...

After reading these posts i am very confused with my Chiller operation time frame and i will like your expertise to help me out.

My scenario is that i have a 125 with 30 sump and my Chiller Artica 1/4 is lasting 5 hrs. to cool down the 2 degrees from 80.0 - 78.0. I have a WB 7000 as my main pump and it is feeding the chiller and a 3/4 Sea Swirl with both returns going to the tank. The Overflow box is 1,200GPH with 2 tubes.

The SS and the Chiller have gate valves and i have tried different combinations like slowing down the flow, opening all the way the flow, using only 1 overflow tube without sucess. By the way all the plumbing is 3/4.

Thanks in advance for your help because i will happy if the cycling time reduce because overhere in PR the electricity is very high cost.

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