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I wanted to buy a Vectra S2 to replace my Reeflo Dart but everything I was reading was painting a sketchy picture, too many people saying the flow is disappointing or the pump died. One thing I like with my Reeflo Dart is that the only issues it has ever given in 16 years is the bearings and seals start to go at the five year mark. You get a squeaking noise that gets louder and after about 6 months it gets loud enough that your compelled to press out the bearings and replace them and the seals.

I have never had a sudden death of a pump! When I do take it out I just slap in my spare pump (B) and take my time servicing pump (A).
If my tank weren't in the dinning/tv room, with noise being an issue, my return pump would be reeflo or iwaki. Bullet proof. I have an iwaki powering my mixing station running virtually 24/7. It's a tank.

300g custom acrylic from James 72x36x27, 4 Mitras Lx7, 2 Stream 3s, C2C beananimal low profile overflow. 100g sump, Vectra M1 -> 114w aquauv -> SRO 5000ext w/ VarioS-6S. -> VarioS 8 return.

Current Tank Info: I'm growing GHA
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