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Originally Posted by oreo57 View Post

Like I said, you can "properly" run those chips but adds about $100 to the cost.
In a sense you are putting a lot of faith in very cheap components..there is very little stability to begin with..

to end this let's just say that is not the way "I'D" do it..

OK key point if one could THEORETICALLY tailor the voltage output to the chip as to only allow a safe current flow (sadly ignoring each row will be electrically different to begin with) it is possible to run err "driverless" with success both short and long term.
Thank you for your explanations, highly appreciated. That is all very eloquently said and when layed down in such form I simply cant disagree that it is in my interest to have safe and reliable fixture. Of course it is my prespective to cut down on costs ( thats why I wont buy Giesemann or Maxspect in a first place) but not blindly and with intentional acceptance or risks. 100usd is surely gladly acceptable extra if its going to provide long life to my diodes.

it was just persented to me that drivers are not needed and the stuff that man makes speaks for itself. I dont see my friend gaining anything by ill advising me,,, thats all.


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