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First big tank, let's do it right this time (75g)

Recently retired my 29g tank that had a 10g sump. It was my first reef tank and made some mistakes along the way, mainly due to poor planning. My numerous modifications were primarily jerry rigged due to learning things the hard and and also working with a stand not designed for sumps, and also have incredibly limited space.

I just picked up this used reef ready Marineland 75g and am ready to start this journey and do things RIGHT!

Here's the tank as it was when I picked it up from the previous owner.

The inside of the stand was in pretty rough shape due to salt splash and creep. I cleaned it reall well and laid down a layer of Rustoleum glossy protective enamel paint. The goal is to be able to take a damp cloth and clean up any messes easily. The oil based paint will also help protect the wood from moisture.

Here is the inside of the stand before:

Here it is after:

I'm going to do one more layer just to ensure a good seal and get a even coat.

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