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Originally Posted by ali1 View Post
All good choices. Look into below. Starfish dont do well in new tanks. I would hold off on starfish until tank matures~ 2yrs

Pajama Cardinalfish
Coral Beauty Angelfish
Neon Goby
Coral or Crown Goby
Dartfish or Firefish Goby
Shrimp Goby
Royal Gramma
Blue Chromis

coral beauty can be done, and is a great looking fish. But, IME, they are swimmers and need a bigger tank as their small size is deceiving compared to their desire to swim.

PJ Cardinal are great in a nano
Watchman goby should park himself under a rock facing the tank top great you in the morning and when you get back home.

ocerlaris clowns, IMO, get overlooked, but for the price, ease of care, peaceful manner and their waving of bright orange.white, IMO, are excellent choice. I get that they are common = boring, but I disagree.

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