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Well I replace the tubing monthly.

I will post the model numbers shortly on the pump and head. When I replace it the tubing is kind of gunked.

The tubing I have had a year or more. I bought like 30' and use maybe 6" each month. But it's new tubing in the pump on the first of the month.

Originally Posted by tkeracer619 View Post
Adjustable Occlusion simply means you can adjust the pinch on the tubing where the roller contacts the housing. on some heads they have clamps that hold the tubing in place.

The only time I have run across breaks like this occurring is...
-The tubing is long past expiration
-Wrong Tubing/ Occlusion
-Bearings or other mechanical issues with the pump head.

If this didn't happen before and nothing has changed my guess is old tubing or the head is wearing out. Does everything roll smoothly? Are the tubes clean or are they covered in crap when they are broken?

I've been using the standard clear heads (7017-21) for years with the pharmed ls17 equivalent with no issues. I actually think the tubing lasts longer in them than in the easyloads but they are a real pain to reload the tubing.

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