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I have been thinking about an automated fresh/frozen feeding system. Key components would be a cooler/frig, magnetic stir plateand or a recirculation system via small power head, for the purpose of keeping the food in suspension.

I havent purchased any live stock yet(coming back from a break from the hobby. Thus Im not sure what foods ill want to feed just yet.

But if I were to use small size particulate foods I would go with a metering pump and plenty of spare tubing.

For larger sized foods I would probally try a small power head and some creative pvc plumbing for a washout and recirculation line/loop just brain storming here.....Need some chemical engeniers to speek up lol even could have it controled via an orp probe lol

Got Salt!

Current Tank Info: Twin 180's 150 gallon common sump. 6 250 DE Phoenix, HQI ballasts. MRC4 Recirc skimmer. Pacific coast 1/2 horse chiller. Custom calcium reactor. sps reef in tank a mixed reef in tank b in the making.
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