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Originally Posted by jbeckett25 View Post
What happend here ??? Everyone sounded so in to this and then it just died ? come on guys lets make this work. We need more people ! I don't have much I can offer right now but I have offered now lets see what you can come up with...

Unfortunately this is the same road block I have encountered for the last several years.We have attempted this before as you guys know along with some really attractive member benefits such as a trip to Atlantis aquarium,with the members getting a nice discount and really only got a few interested parties in most instances.I believe for something like this to work it needs to be promoted heavily for months or longer .Same scenario with the swaps prior to me jumping on board.The turn out and attendance was sparse at best.I start promoting these swaps 4 to 6 months prior to the event to generate enough interest to draw a crowd.I believe the PIF program is a great thing for the society and members but to bring it to realization some promotional work may be needed.A thought that may help is to invite a couple local clubs to join the program.possibly,NJRC,Upstate NY,etc.. if they do not have a program started of there own.

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