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I really like this idea, as well. I just became an official member of NCPARS, thus these opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, I am not even sure the degree to which they apply to this program.

First, I think that there may be some of us who feel as though they have little to nothing to that they can possibly add to this program. I would hate for those with less experience or different interests to be put off. As discussed in the "greed" thread, retail purchases of corals are expensive, regardless of the type of coral. People with species set ups (such as seahorses or mantis shrimp) may perfer to have soft corals in their tanks. I know that I requested at least 2 soft coral frags at the recent swap that couldn't be delivered because they did not survive fragging. So I really hope that people with all types of corals and experience will be welcomed, because there really are people out there who find even "less desireable" corals desirable.

I'm also interested in knowing if there are members who are willing to do the physical fragging of other member's corals. I recently purchased a nice sized scroll coral; it is really the only piece that I currently have that is of a size that it could be fragged. However, I do not feel at all comfortable in doing so. When/if the time comes, could I, say, bring it to a swap and have somebody assist me with that?

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