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Unhappy Low PH problem

I have a PH issue that I couldnít solved for the past 3 months. My tank is currently flucating between 7.7 to 7.9. My tank has been running for about 6 months but I never paid attention to my PH closely until I got the Apex 3 months ago.

I have a 4 foot 100 gallon tank with sump AquaOne 400 series 1. I have about 10 fishes, 10 LPS, two SPS. I dont use the lid so itís open top.

Sump I got chaeto reactor, bio pellet reactor and slimmer. MP40 and Jebao RW8 rummingnmaximum speed. MP40 running Towards the top breaking water surface.

I dose seachem fusion 1 and 2 until about 2 weeks ago. Temporary just dosing aqaforest calcium as I havenít decide which program to go on get.

Calcium 470, Alk 11, mag 1350, nitrate 5, phos 0.1

I do Water change once every 2 weeks using aquaforest salt. I even tried red sea coral pro with same result.

I tried taking the water outside for 30 minutes. Test the Ph and it is 8.1 when it is 7.8 inside the tank. Itís in the front living room so oxygen shouldnít be an issue as itís open space in a big house.

Tried using seachem buffer, it raises the PH by 0.1 then decreases again after a few hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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