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gone solar

i have posted all of this in my build thread, but i thought i would post here as well since the tank is 80% sps. about three weeks ago i took out the 5 MH lights from my 240 and installed 3 solar tubes. i kept the 580 watts of T5 actinic, and redid the configuration of the top of the tank. first, ill post a few before and after pics of the work i did, and then i will post weekly coral comparison pics to document the changes.

here is the way i did the tank originally:



here is what it used to look like inside the "canopy"

now, here is what it looks like



from above (i have covered the T5 lights with acrylic covers since this pic)

here is a comparison of the lighting in the tank:

here are hourly progression pics on a sunny day - left side is with the actinics off and right side is with them on

tank was without lights for two days while i did all of this, and within a week of installing the sundome tubes, everything was a nice shade of brown. the first coral pics i took were at that one week stage. i will try to take the same pics of the same corals weekly to show color and growth progression....

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