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there is virtually no heat coming in from the tubes - my chiller almost never kicks on now - as far as algae, i cleaned the glass four times in three weeks (a little less often than i had to with the halides) no new algae, and one nice surprise with an existing algae........more on that later

Originally posted by Treef
Wow that is amazing, the corals look great. Amazing how intense the light gets, hows the heat from the lights? The colors look like they improved a lot, really noticeable with the ATL tulip A. millepora. Also any effect on algae?
i did the installation (with a friend's help), so the materials for all of it (three 14" tubes at 16') was $1300 shipped.

Originally posted by Husky_1
Not sure if you care to divulge, but what is the ballpark price of getting solar tubes?

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