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Originally Posted by kutcha View Post
how many external pumps are you going to run on this system? Also interested in how you are going to set up the system with the sump. cause you are going to tie the systems together correct?
Hi, sorry for the delay! I've been out of town and had less than crappy internet. That said, I plan on just having one pump. The pump is huge, I believe .5 hp. I think that should be more than enough to plumb the systems. It came from an LFS that had dozens of tanks plumbed throughout the store.

I'm honestly not super sure on how to plumb it yet. Just when I get an idea of how, I get discouraged because I find a fault in it. I pretty much plan on connecting the tanks using 2" pipe as shown above with the pink lines. What I plan on doing is having all the drains on the bottom- you can see the holes in the bottom of the tank. I plan on having them drain into a Rubbermaid tub. I think I will have each one drain into the sump versus tying them all to one, and then to the sump.

As far as the returns/flow. I plan on having the Rubbermaid with a hole that connects to the return pump. And then each tank will have a pipe that t's off into each hole on the side. I think I will have either 4 or 8 returns per tub.

That is as far as I have gotten. I plan on working on it more this weekend but this is more of a project/pain in the *** so I kind of self sabotage it.

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