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Actually, yes. I should have added that. They are supposed to have a really good reputation. But, one of them started to accumulate salt creep around the shaft seal. I ended up picking up a spare and swapping them. Sent the damaged one for repair. It was still under warranty. Itís good to have a spare anyway.

They repaired the old and I only had to pay for shipping. They were great to work with, but it wasnít expected which is a little frustrating.

My local shop was surprised to hear about my trouble. He runs a lot of maintenance accounts where he relies on these pumps. It could be a recent change in parts or manufacturing thatís biting them (and their customers) in the butt.

For my build, the pumps having a little salt creep wasnít a problem because theyíre isolated in a filtration room where I can easily manage that sort of thing. If it was under a stand in a living space, Iíd be concerned.

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