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This maybe a late response due to BF sales being gone but if quality, long maintenance free pumps is what your looking for Iíd personally recommend Red Dragon from Royal Exclusive. Slief here on RC is the rep! Iíve used a boat load of equipment over the past 20+ years including more return pumps than you can shake a stick at and the ONLY a pump I use now and recommend is Red Dragon! Super beefy, have an excellent track record, have been around a long time and I have never had a single issue with them! Any questions I have had get responded to quickly by Slief and he will help out when needed. I have used internal, external, ac, dc, older models, newer models ect and have always had some kind of issue! The Red Dragon is the ONLY pump I have personally used with ZERO issues! Pricey yes but once you get your hands on one you will see why! Built unlike 99% of all other brands on the market! One thing I donít skimp on after all these years is my return pump! Waaay to important piece of equipment to cheap out on IMO.

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