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Originally Posted by billsreef View Post
We get a variety of speakers in, some home grown, some we bring in from elsewhere. Topics range from the simple to in depth, things like tank set up, lighting, propagation, fish health, etc. Following the speaker, after a short break, there is an auction of donated frags. Lots of good deals on some very nice corals from fellow members, Atlantis, and some local stores. Age ranges vary from kids on up to old timers, even a few spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends get brought along by their significant others, so feel free to bring the wife Meeting details such as the next speaker can be found on the clubs website.

Thanks for the info! Of course the next meeting is the say of my sister in laws bday but if there are no plans then I would LOVE to attend with my wife. I'll know later next week if I can make it.

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