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Originally Posted by Jeezy85 View Post
Thanks for the reply.

I will lower the water level to 1inch below the cup. I feel like the foam will never overflow into the cup if I will lower it.. is this part of the breaking that will eventually overflow into the cup?

The skimmer is sitting around 8inches into the water
If the skimmer is properly sized for your display and load, the foam will get up there. You can raise it a bit more if you need but donít raise the break line above the bottom of the white base that the cup sits on your you will get a drip. If this skimmer is oversized for your display or load, you are likely to see some inconsistency. Our skimmers are conservatively rated and oversizing them relative to the display size and load will result in some inconsistency. Keep in mind that protein skimmers require dissolved organics (proteins/DOCís) to make foam. Itís those DOCís that allow the bubbles to stick together. The larger the skimmer, the larger the neck volume and the more DOCís required to keep the neck consistently filled with foam. If you donít have enough DOCís, the skimmer will skim well for a day or two as it reduces the DOCís and then idle along until the DOCís build back up enough to allow the neck to fill with foam. Our skimmer sizing assumes that at the low end of the sizing range, you will have a heavy load. A heavy load is about 1/2Ē of fish per display gallon. In the case of the Mini 200, I wouldnít recommend it for anything under a heavily stocked 150 gallon display. So if youíre running it on a smaller display or a lightly stocked system, youíre going to see some inconsistency unless you run the water well up into the neck and deal with some seepage which I donít recommend because the skimmer will be much more sensitive and prone to overflows.

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