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My 29g MA with tap water in Ukraine

My name is Vlad. I live in Kharkov, Ukraine

Let me represent you my marine aquarium (MA) and explain it’s maintenance.
My Marine Aquarium (MA) works for 2 years now (starting from 27.01.2011.)

My MA system contents:
Two Resun SK-05 Protein Skimmer (working more as aerators)
50w Heater.
Water pump Atman AT-203 – used for water supply in the sump
Flow Pump - ViaAqua-100A
Light MG-150W 20000K + Two PL24W (one blue + one blue & white)

Feeding MA:
One - two times a day I feed the entire MA using my self-prepared dry mixture (see below).
Once a week I feed three anemones with shredded squid.
Once a week I feed LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals and Ricordeas with thawed adult brine shrimp.
Twice a day I feed Chelmon with Tubifex

My MA Maintanance:
Once per day – manually adding water (you could combine it with feeding for time saving). I haven’t seen good auto water top up device yet.
Once per month – checking the water salinity.
Sometimes cleaning protein skimmer cup.
Once in a half year – I clean the hoses and pumps.
Depending on the mood – Aquarium glass cleaning

Dry Mixture Ingridients:
Grinded dry food for marine fish from the brine shrimp (I grind the flakes into a powder)
Dry zoo plankton
Dry phyto plankton
You can watch my aquarium habitants in the video (in the moment there is no detailed list - sorry)
"Method" of my Simplified MA Maintenance:
I started my MA with water replacement 1 time per month - 10%
The last 5 months (from about the end of November 2012) I stopped the water replacements. Instead I started topping up my MA with tap water (settled for one day).
The idea of "topping up method" instead of “replacement” is that the drinking water from the tap (if tap water is not suitable then you can use spring water) you add everything what’s needed in your MA, and the rest is removed with Scrubber.
I add 2L of settled water every day in my MA (100l volume) and it still safe and sound!

Using analogies:
Every day I drink about 2 l of water from the tap and my weight is 75kg (approximately the same amount as my MA ). I’m alive and well – didn’t take any medicine (at all!)
You know what I mean? If the person survives drinking water from the tap - I'm sure that this would work for MA habitants (plus scrubber support).
There is more:
For example: 100 liters of drinking water contains so much muck that Chaetomorpha would grow fist-sized. I think that such amount can be neglected

Other appliances:
My Sump is made simple: one container vertically divided into two parts. One contains foam filters, in other - Algae Caulerpa, Chaetomorpha are growing (I would say “grew” – now they don’t want to).
Overflow for the supply pump is organized by cutting the top of the plastic food container. The pump stands in this container.
Scrubber net is suspended on the horizontal hole in the sump overflow. Water from sump is returning to MA by flowing on this net.

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