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to initiate feeding response

hi all,

had to reboot my system due to some parasite issues, so I left few fishes with LFS. They did me a favour and accepted to safekeep my ocellaris pair and z.scopas for little over an month for me.

strange thing is these fishes wont eat anything anymore.. these are not some recently wild caught extra hard to "get to eat" fishes but my own captive bread clowns and zebra tang that I had for few years and they always accepted all offered food very greedily.

colleague and me we speculate it must be some medicine industry uses in their holding / quarantine systems..

any experiences here? I've been offering all kind of foods (spirulina flakes, mixed granulated formulas of various sorts etc.) with little to no effect..

if I keep feeding aggressively like that to initiate the response i'll flash my newly established tank's water quality down the toilet..

any ideas?



Current Tank Info: 120g anemone tank
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