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Originally Posted by Cpeguero83 View Post
Ok. I was just at MACNA, and Coralvue was demo-ing a controller as well, with all the various bells and whistles. Since I'm in no rush (yet), I want to see which of the controllers will work best.

So far, I'm leaning towards GHL, but Coralvue's controller looked to do most, if not all, the things the other two big names do, but at a lower price point (I think). I'm not sure what is driving that, if you're giving up quality, etc, but figured it'd be worth exploring.

Also will depend on what the Ion Director looks like. I'm not a huge fan of the Trident at the moment, and like the idea of not having reagents. Coralvue debuted their version of this at MACNA, so it's looking like Coralvue and GHL are my top contenders at the moment. Going to have to lay out all the attributes, pros, and cons of each one...... choice - kind of a fun problem to have
I do not believe the CV controller will be anywhere near the capabilities that the Apex or Profilux are right out of the gate. Both Neptune and GHL have been building and developing controllers for decades now and both have a lot of advanced functionality beyond just 0-10v and basic monitoring. I’ve used Neptune controllers since the first Aqua Controller was released in the mid 90’s and I’ve also used GHL for many years too. Both make/develop their own controllers and support them which has been the meat and potatoes of their business for decades now. Time will tell on the CV controller but it’s going to take time for that product to mature and in the mean time, the others will building on their existing platform. I have an Apex here on my system as well as Profilux 3.1 and Profilux 4. Being in the technology industry (computer business) as well as the aquarium industry, I make it a point to know the ins and outs of all available products. Heck, I even have have a Cerebra. LOL. And I will get one of the Hydros when the time comes. I am however looking forward to what the future holds for that product but my intuition tells me, it’s going to be a while before it has the capabilities that other mainstream aquarium controllers currently offer outside of just 0-10v control and monitoring.

And by the way, Trident works well! I know from first hand experience just as I know the GHL Kh Director works great too and I am sure the Ion Director will be no exception. I am a big fan of GHL products. They make great stuff! Same goes for Neptune in my experience.

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