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Originally posted by thedoctor06
What are the dimensions of that tank? Where did you get it?
the tank was custom built. not sure which company built it. but they are located in san francisco, ca i believe. I bought it through they are my LFS. I could find out the name of the builder if you would like.

dimensions are 48"L X 24"D X 20"H

Fuge... well, I may be able to do a small fuge in the middle chamber of my sump. I dont have anymore room in my cabinet. I could build something that sat on top of the sump... what do you think?

Note: The hole I found on my return pipe seems to be a siphon break... because when I covered it up and turned off the return pump the return started to suck water through. I think it is drilled too high on the pipe. does anyone think I should drill a lower hole so that it is barely under the water line?

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