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Coral Tank from Canada (1350gal Display Tank)


To create a suite of 4 coral islands in a shallow lagoon. Each island is to be named in recognition of four of the top aquarists generally acknowledged by members of the reef central community.

Display Tank
The acrylic tank is L shaped with the following dimensions: Length is 8 feet plus 16 feet: Width is 3 feet: and Height is 2 and one half feet. (24’X3’X2.5’) I’m not sure what the metric equivalent would be. The tank is at least 1” thick all round except the 16 ft panel which is 1.5 “.
The tank is accompanied by a custom tubular steel stand fitted to the tank by ATM.
All sides of the tank are viewable except the two end caps providing almost 50 feet of seascape.

Dedicated Purpose Built Fish Room

The support for the main display tank is a custom integrated system with various tanks and reactors built in line. There are also three MARS retail display units housing at least twenty-five tanks that will be used for coral and fish propagation as well as quarantine /hospital tanks. Additional dedicated power with an on line natural gas 17,000 watt generator has been added.


The algorithm that has proven to be the most accurate measure of costs for this project is as follows: Take your worst nightmare, double it and you are halfway there..........+1. I do not plan to deal with the inevitable questions of cost in this thread. It’s not that I wish to be rude it is just that far too many members equate success with dollars expended and the truth of the matter is that success is NOT measured in dollars and cents but in good planning, discipline, good access to knowledge and sound practices, phenomenal execution and above average imagination.....oh yeah, and demonstrated ability to learn!

I have a strategy to deal with my wife which involves reusing the same large colourful box which will become known as my fish maintenance box. It was a terrific strategy for my home theatre as it allowed me to upgrade several generations all on the basis of ‘mandatory’ annual maintenance at no apparent cost!!!! Same box in and out every time.

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