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Chingchai Uekrongtham

First and foremost Chingchai from Thailand. His influence on me and this project has been profound. If you are reading this and you haven’t read Chingchai’s build thread I would strongly urge you to take the time and go from the beginning. It’s a long journey but in my opinion, one of the more remarkable experiences on this forum.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, Chingchai’s success has less to do with budget and more to do with intangibles like passion for this hobby, phenomenal vision, unequalled ability to execute on a detailed plan and an honest sincere belief that we can all learn and grow from sharing his experience. His team of helpers and advisors were and are second to none, not to mention the phenomenal input and support from the Reef Central community. The original design concept graphics were exceptional and only surpassed by the real thing. The fact that he has been a TOTM previously speaks to his experience and dedication to this hobby.

Chingchai’s patience in documenting every relevant detail in his build took an inordinate degree of commitment to his project and especially this community. I find that my moments of self doubt have been healed by going back and reviewing the incredible detail of his build. The documentation of Chingchai’s journey was frankly as much work as the actual build itself. Yet his respect for each and every member of this forum is unmatched by any of its contributors. Even when it was clear that a question had already been answered a number of times in the past Chingchai still took the time to answer it again.

While the diversity of tanks and their associated ecosystems around the world is almost overwhelming Chingchai’s ‘creation’ is distinct and unique. There are larger tanks around the world but none have the unique deep open coral architecture with the rich display and range of healthy coral that he has. A consistent observation I have made is that the main thrust of Chingchai’s project has been the coral and its presentation. The fish are the accent to the main event (the coral).

All of this finesse in preparation through execution qualifies this tank as truly unique and distinct from the mainstream in this hobby. There are a number of design attributes that break new ground and in fact I would argue, create a refreshing stylized vision for a marine aquarium that is truly innovative and absolutely unique. Chingchai’s journey and achievements along the way has truly raised the bar for excellence in this community and he will soon join David Saxby as one of the four principle influencers for serious coral aquarists in the world. One day I hope to call him ‘friend’.

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