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Iíve been following this thread for s little bit. I need some assistance. This Thursday the 20, I will be adopting 3 Erectus. I currently am working on conditioning several species of marine ornamentals, to include clownfish and some inverts (peppermint an pistol). I was wanting to find a group of people to collaborate with, trade ideas, but especially information. As we all know thereís not a huge amount of info out there on breeding. Itís pretty much been locked up tight until recently.
I have been aggressively pursuing this for about a year now. Iíve collected a lot of good information, but still need a lot. I am a member of MBI, but there doesnít seem to be a lot of activity there at the moment. There is good information but you have to look for it. There are a lot of reading profiles on a number of species, in case you have not seen that site.
Anyhow, I need some general information and some direction on where I can find some good information on the erectus. I have a FAcebook site with a lot of cool pics and video of the stuff Iíve been up to the last few months. Please check it out. I will of course now be adding pics, video and information in the form of articles, links, etc.
Please feel free to contact me thru FB messenger or PM. FB is quicker as I donít always get notified of my PMs.
Thanks for putting up the saga of your breeding. Thereís not enough of that here on the forums.

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