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Oh and just to give my opinion....Tigger Pods are an excellent form of nutrition, and If the nauplii are fed to young fish or in this case horses, they have the BEST chance of making it thru. I just saved a clutch of Banggai Cardinals with live Tiggers. I breed them to sell adults and so I’m able to collect the nauplii for my babies. It’s in a lot of pier review papers and I have spoken with Chad Clayton of Reed Mariculture, home of the original “Tigger Pods”. Out of all the species of copepods, Tiggers have the best nutritional profile. When fed to fry/larvae, they get all the essential fatty acids, carotenoids etc. The highest concentration. They are much better to make it they the difficult growing periods and/or stresssful events such as diseases, or external stressors like water quality.

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