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Originally Posted by Pdisner View Post
Sorry my FB page is @paulsPodsAZ. Here’s some video of the baby Cardinals I was talking about. Also some footage of some of my Tig. Pods.

Tigger Pods

And lastly here’s some video of peppermint shrimp Zoea of different stages.

Again, please get ahold of me Facebook messenger or PM. Thanks for watching my videos. Feel free to share, I do want the credit tho.

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I don't have facebook but the videos are cool. I love baby bangaii. I only got to raise one batch. I lost the adults to hurricanes.

I don't currently have a tank that is suitable for bangaii. I too raise tigger pods. I use parvo for the seahorses and baby brine but I have tiggers I raise and put in the parent tank for the seahorses and the mandarin and the pipefish. I also raise tisbe pods and put them everywhere. I agree that pods are superior nutrition.

I sell some extra to my LFS.

I'm currently over at MBI it does have some excellent resources but not a lot of participation. I've been here for a long time but might switch to another forrum and try to get traction for breeding somewhere because the rules for selling here are very strict on fish and lax on frags. Which fish are much harder to raise and when you do of course you have more than one to get rid of. But I've always like RC so...

Sterile is not better. Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse, Saltwater Mollies, from egg dwarf cuttlefish, Opae Shrimp, Strombus snails, amphipods, copepods, rotifers.

Current Tank Info: 125 gal tank, 40 gal refugium - 30 gal grow out tank- 70 gallon erectus / pipefish tank
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