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Thanks McPuff! I appreciate your input. I've seen you work miracles with your quarantine prowess!

I love how TTM works. It is an elegant solution. But it is more complicated in my case, with seven grammas. Hypo salinity is the simpler option for my situation, I think. All I have to do is remove a bucket of water from QT, then add another bucket back of fresh water. And repeat until the desired salinity is reached. I'm doing this over the course of a couple days. The fish stay right where they are, so they don't have to endure the stress of capture and transfer, etc.

With TTM, I'd need to set up multiple buckets and put multiple fish in each, which would also be stressful for them, and complicated for me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a believer in TTM! I just think with seven fish, I'd like to try the simpler option first. I can definitely make it happen though. I'd just need to set up some buckets with pvc pieces or something, so that multiple fish could cohabitate with as little stress to them (and me) as possible.

I'm going to study up on TTM in the meantime, so I'll be ready to commit to it, if/when the time comes. Also, I will continue mulling it over, and how best to do it with seven fish.

It sounds like you might be attempting it. Let's share our experiences and see what we can learn together.

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