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Dan and all,

My wife and I teach at Williamsport Area High School in Williamsport, PA. We started a 125 gallon reef this summer and stocked it with rock, fish and coral from our collection at home. The school has provided us some consumable materials (bulbs, food, etc.) and paid for the cost of PVC and wood for plumbing and the stand. They also provide electricity and we have a few large stills to make water. We also have a large chemical stockroom and testing equipment on hand already.

Other than that we just run everything from our own donations of coral and from club donations from the last swap (I had about a half dozen corals donated). We have a few thousand invested in our own money. The tank and equipment belong to us along with all live rock and livestock. We also put in about an hour a day on average on maintaining our 9 freshwater tanks and 125 gallon reef.

You are absolutely correct that it would be difficult for our club to get into a school to do such a thing without some inside access like my wife and I have.

Bloomsburg High School is also getting a tank together, aren't they?

We'd love to start a good propagation program but we're barely able to maintain what we've got. The skimmers are having trouble keeping up and our lighting isn't very bright. We'd like to have a better skimmer, a calcium reactor and switch to MH lights. We'd also like to do some good SPS and LPS propagation.

We have lots more space and display window area for more tanks and equipment.

-Larry Flint

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