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I agree Dan.

Larry, we need to see if the school would allow a prop system that could be used for education and for the club. The club would be able to supply some things or most of the things for this project, in return we only ask that we can use some of the propagated corals for raffles, giveaways, membership drives, and etc. This in turn would give the school a source for their drygoods and other misc. items they need to run both the tank and the prop system.

I am willing to work with you, Dan, and the School on a positive solution that benefits all!

I look forward to hearing from you.

I will have Don(VP of Marketing) check on donations for school projects and see if we can't get you some things you need.

If you give me a list of things/brands you are looking for we can check with sponsors to see if they are interested.

Email me the list of lighting requirements, skimmer needs, and anything else and we will get right on it!

Here is my email. [email protected]

If you need to call to explain anything I can give you my number if you don't already have it!

Have a GREAT day!



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