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Originally Posted by DRThompson View Post
Found the brand new stenner pump on a close out sale for $200 deliv incl. the liter meter would be more than that and would not be as consistent. The liter meter has to be calibrated periodically, the stenner and masterflex do not. The stenner pumps are much more robust, these are industrial pumps used to add chemicals to irrigation systems and pools. The masterflex pumps are similar but are used in labs and hospitals.

Today the stenner pump ran for 15 min every 4 hours and changed out 2 gal. Easiest water change I've ever made.

I'll keep watching the salinity to make sure it is as consistent as it looks, but so far I'm very happy with it
PLEASE tell me where I can get one for $200. Even if im not ready ill get it!!!

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