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Originally Posted by mrx66699 View Post
Dave I was wondering about that also why you chose this route ......just wondering while yes this pump is $200, when you add another $100 that is needed to pay for an ato top off unit its not that far off in price actually very comparable in price.... I picked up the Litermeter III with the added top off remote pump in the used forum for $250 and it came with a 5 year warranty ....

I checked out the liter meter, masterflex pumps and Stenner pumps for this project. Here's My thoughts on them

LiterMeter PRO's:
easiest to setup
designed for auto water changes
Best peristaltic pump in the industry (aquarium)
excellent customer service - read comments, blogs, recommendations from friends, Reef Central forum messages
Quietest of the 3 choices
LiterMeter Cons:
-more expensive new, though readily avail used at lower prices
-not apex compatible
-require periodic calibration for accuracy
-not designed for continuous use

Masterflex/Cole parmer PRO's
Would work with my apex
Would get the job done
Lab grade peristaltic pump! Top quality
Rated for continuous duty
My number 1 choice, money aside
no calibration needed, very accurate, consistant dosing
Masterflex/Cole Parmer Cons:
-The pumps that are available in the used market are OLD! Hard to find one that isnt at least 10 years old
-NO parts avail to repair the pump other than tubing and replacement heads
-Expensive! These pumps sell for thousands new, even the used ones can get to the $500 range for a double head variable speed
-Even the replacement tubing is expensive!
-noisy pumps

Stenner Pump PRO's:
Would work with my apex
Rated for Continuous duty
Industrial pump, very robust, used for irrigation, pools and other water treatment applications
No calibration - Accurate, consistent dosing
Made in USA - ALL parts are completely replaceable!
Stenner Pump Cons:
-LOUD, probably the loudest of the 3 pumps
-bulky, heavy pump. would be hard to mount/use in tight space
-Hard to find a used pump

The Stenner pumps work best for my application. Apex compatibility was paramount, I'm an apex junky All three pumps would get the job done and do what I wanted though.

Special thanks to Marvin for putting this project in my head


Current Tank Info: 180gal mixed reef, asm g4xx, LED lights, apex, 65gal sump, 2x mp40's, methanol denitrator

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