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Originally Posted by jsousa View Post
My RD3 on my SuperMarin 250 is about a year old and itís been acting up for a number of months now. No matter how many times I clean in it will F8 within 10 minutes. The unit is spotless inside and out, the airway is clear, the diffuser is clean. Not sure what to do at this point. Good news is my tank is thriving without the skimmer in use. Been off for like 3 months and everything is kicking. I guess Iím at that point where my corals suck up whatever is available. Nitrates are at 5. PO4 typically below .1.

Still, I would like to use my skimmer again. Any thoughts?
Contact RE immediately, they are really good with support and if there is an issue with the pump they will take care of it.

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