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My best result is by T5. I have HQI, T5, LED and since a few weeks Plasma. Best colours is by T5 in coral tank. So I think T5 or hybrid T5/LED is the best way. Maximum size best way footprint of tank is size of the light. I tested different systems for running a tank and I end up with Sangokai. But the system does not matter. Water level in my coral tank is 25cm an good flow. Footprint of tank is size of the T5. Colour of imported SPS corals does not lost from Fiji or Australia. In my showtank with 1m water level and different lights colours lost.

6 x ATI Sirius X6 + 2 HQI 1.000 Watt + Aquaconnect 300 Watt Plasma (in front)

Bad picture but you can see 4 ATI Sunpower 8 x 80 Watt.

Greetings from Germany

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