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Thanks Kevin. Beautiful fish! I have tried two before and I found the male too aggressive, so that's my biggest concern with a harem of them. If they're too aggressive, it could upset the peace. I'd hope having more of them spreads out the aggression. That's how it worked with seven Royal Grammas in v1.

I have large windows opposite the tank, so they probably do have some influence. Day length and water temperature are the key factors, I think. I would imagine near shore plants like seagrass might get reduced salinity and increased nutrients from spring runoff too.

I would think we could trick plants into 'thinking' it was a particular season, by manipulating day length and temp. Don't they already do this with fish, to encourage them to spawn?

Just back from camping over the weekend, in the Valley of the Gods, Utah. One of the tuxedo damsels was missing, for most of today, then he suddenly appeared this afternoon. He looked a bit beat up. I thought maybe he'd gotten stuck somewhere and then got free. Then I witnessed aggression from the largest one. It was persistent and went on too long, definitely stressing the fish. Not sure what I'm going to do about this. I'll observe for a while and decide. It may be that the largest one has reached maturity, and along with it, grumpiness. Or it could be male to male aggression. This could throw a wrench into my plans. Adjustments may be needed.

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