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I had plenty to catch up on. I'm glad that your tuxedo damsels are behaving again, and hope it stays that way. The same thing happened with my blennies. But, as long as there are plenty of hiding spots and escape routes, they find a way to coexist. The blennies were less social than your fish though, for sure. Even as juvies, they didn't really like each other. During spawning time, all of the males became aggressive and could hold their own against each other. After the female died, one of the males was the target of bullying, and eventually hid most of the time. I think that maybe having females in the tank, ready to spawn, will get all of the males spunky enough that they can deal with each other. Your original 5 number might still be a good mix.

Sounds like everything else is working out great!

Blennies Rock!

--Kevin Wilson

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