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I did some work on the tank Sunday. Mostly pruning and exporting. I waited until early this morning to get a few pics, since I clouded up the water in the process. I broke apart the remaining codium, so it will hopefully grow into new plants. The red grapes plants were really overgrown, so they got pruned heavily. A nice, yellow sponge and a 'new' plant were revealed, plus I like to see the rocks of the patch reef. The barnacle shells and a few rocks got repositioned as well. The whole patch reef arrangement has evolved over time, actually getting more compact. I'm really liking it!

Here you can see the Turtle Weed plant bottom right, along with two new transplanted plugs of it on the back wall.

Patch reef. Note the String of Pearls plant in front, doing very well.

This plant in the middle was uncovered by my pruning. I believe it is Halymenia Elongotta. It's similar to Nemastoma, but thinner. I'd love to see this plant grow large!

Obligatory end shot. Still lot's of reds, but a bit less unruly. Also note more life on the back wall.

A yellow sponge was also uncovered.

Mangroves are still growing. Golden brown Sargassum Weed in the foreground. Petticoat, fern caulerpa, and a red moss-like plant, growing on the back wall.

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